Recycle your old phone case

Recycle your old phone case

We are really committed to reducing our environmental impact - that's why were currently transitioning to 100% recyclable packaging by July 2021. 

Our cases are already made from 50% recycled material, but we are excited to announce our phone case recycling program in the UK.

We're working with TerraCycle Zero Waste Box to recycle your old phone cases and give you 15% off your next case as a thank you! It's our pledge to do our small bit to help a massive problem.

And the best part is - it doesn't need to be a Case Warehouse case!


Here's how it works:

1. Fill in the form below to let us know that you want to recycle your case 

2. Pack up your case and sent it on it's way to us

3. We'll put your case in our TerraCycle Zero Waste Box, where it will be recycled, reused or safely disposed of

4. To say thank you, we'll email you with a 15% off discount code to be used on your next Case Warehouse purchase